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I’m back on my blogging.                                                                                                                I’m back in that action, I’m back in that action.                                                                         I’m back with a long post. So sorry I’ve been ghost.                                                              Being mindful on the regular.                                                                                                      Being consistent for me it ain’t regular.           But I’m going to make it regular.                                                                                     Success for me is going to become regular.

Ahhhh, Future, you are such an inspiration ♥️.

I have been doing so many things, but missed sharing with you guys! How have you been? Prescriptions lasting longer than the month? Drinking your water? I hope so!

I love my adderall, it has changed my life, but adderall is a just a tool, like a shovel (yes, my garden is looking fabulous, thank you for asking). The goals, the plan, the implementation has to come from within. The follow through and follow up, that comes from us. So what have you been motivated to do? Lately I have been trying to focus on being consistent. I started to realize that I could get anything done, see results, and feel great if I could just be consistent.

Oh so simple, thank you Adderall Guru 🙄😒😂. Just pick a thing and keep doing it?

But ADD. There are so many things to do. How do you just choose a couple of things to do all the time? Is that a thing? Well yes mamas, it’s call pri-or-it-i-zing. It is not easy, but I have been trying it and I am seeing results!

What are these priorities I speak of? How does one find them? Are they at Target? No, but the answer does involve crafting and maybe a #targetrun if you want a new notebook and pen to write down your answers. Don’t go to Target, I’m just kidding. If you are anything like me you will come back home with everything but the notebook.

At the end of the year as I was revisiting my unaccomplished goals and rewriting them on the thousands of sheets of graph paper I had printed out instead of just buying a bullet journal or any planner for that matter and getting on with it already, and I (surprisingly) found myself getting very frustrated that I wasn’t getting more done. I wanted to be and do it all and I honestly thought it was possible. I still sort of do, but I am working on consistently reminding myself that it is neither possible nor desirable to do and be everything.

Randomly as I write this I was offered a job. Thank you Universe, lessons everywhere. This person is being considerate of himself and the quality of his work. We can do that too!

Anyway, I started to realize that the more I tried to do the less I got done. I was not doing a good job at anything.  I was not enjoying what I was doing. I was not present. I had a million things that “neeeeeeeded” to get done. I was multitasking and miserable. Ok, maybe I exaggerating a little with the miserable part, but I did need to make some changes. Does any of this sound familiar? Are you ready to make some changes?

Did you go to Target?

Did you get everything but the notebook?


I bet you got some super cute stuff at the dollar spot tho. Don’t worry, just grab a piece of paper and a pen. We are going to craft our lives!

Think about all the stuff you need to get done. Write down all of the stuff you are trying to do right now. No really, write it down. I know, I also like to pretend like I can mentally do the exercises recommended in books and articles, but seeing it all laid out is kind of a wake up call. Can you do all of this stuff?

No? Me neither.

Think about all the things you like doing. Write down your list. Can you do all of those things?

No? Me neither.

Think about some stuff you got done recently. Write down your list. What on the list do you feel really great about accomplishing?

For me, its been cleaning up, gardening, learning/practicing a new skill, and exercise.

Once you identify what makes you feel great after it’s done, keep doing it. Forget about everything else for now. You will become better at getting it done, feel great, and won’t be distracted wasting time doing stuff you don’t really care about. Then you can get to the stuff you REALLY want to do like hang out with your family, call a friend, or take a nap even though those things never make it onto a To Do list despite their importance.

The other day I realized how quickly I was able to check off my list and it was because I had consistently been working those things. I finished so quickly that I had enough time to watch a video on day trading cryptocurrency (my newest passion), practice a little, and then get the kids and relax.

Is my living room still a mess? Yes, my living room is still kind of a mess, but it is not a priority. The toys come right back out after I pick them up so why take more than a few minutes to push them to the side?

Setting priorities has removed those feelings of frustration I was having at the end of the year. Moving forward, I believe my life will continue to improve as long as I am being intentional. You may not feel a difference right away, but stay strong, be consistent. I didn’t realize the difference until that day my To Do list was done. Adderall can help me do anything, but if I don’t carefully choose what I am doing I will be wasting my life on shit that doesn’t matter. Although with adderall you feel like can work forever, why toil in futility? Before starting the day or a task think about how you will further your mission of crafting the life you want and let that guide your actions. Be consistent in doing what feels right and let me know if you start to notice a difference in your life. Do you have a tool that has helped you prioritize and remain consistent? Share in the comments so we can help each other out.

Happy crafting,



Gratitude for the Taco Kit

Got home from work after six and was able to have the family fed in minutes. WITH a toddler in my arms and a ravenous teenager standing over my shoulder!


So today I am a supermom. Well everyday I’m a supermom, we are all supermoms.

But I want to point something out. I did not take adderall today (I never do on the days I work) and I feel great today because I went to sleep at a decent hour last night. I also drank lots of water yesterday and ate too!

Commonly the horror stories of addymoms include zombies who stay up all night folding laundry, cannot drag themselves out of bed without a pill bottle in hand, and are screaming at everyone by the afternoon.

No bueno. You are killing yourselves mamas.

If you are going to take drugs be smart about it. You have to take care of yourself if you want to be your best self!

Most importantly, you must drink water and sleep! Like lots of glasses and lots of hours. I’m in bed by 10 most nights of the week and up around 5:30. I drink a glass of water upon rising and many many more throughout the day. Stimulants will only make you feel like a revved up pile of shit if you don’t actually have the fuel in your tank go at the speed of light. I have also learned to eat before I take it because you won’t feel like eating and your brain needs energy to run! You will make it through the morning, but you will feel like crap by the afternoon. If you are taking adderall to help you, remember adderall can only help as much as you help yourself. Take care of yourself like you take care of your family!

Until next time,



Hey, welcome to!

I can’t believe how nervous I am right now.

I’m here, this site is here, because I’m a mom and I take adderall.

Why am I sharing this? Because it’s helped my life tremendously and I’m sure that it has helped other moms too, but there is a stigma  associated with its use and that is keeping moms from sharing their secret.

Here we can be freeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

I know this drug is not for everyone, but I want to be the alternative to the narrative that it will ruin your life. Please if you have a history of substance abuse or some other health issue, be smart. I want provide information on how to live your best life. But you must know yourself! If you are a mom and you take adderall you have found your home.

love, addymom