Who is Addymom?

A mom who likes to have fun and get shit done.

A mom who wants to be her best and put the negative narrative to rest.

A mom who values time and is about to run out of another rhyme.

I guess I could also be considered corny and sometimes the adderall make me extra…

Now hold on a minute!


Remember we are her to be free…

I’m just another mom who found herself thinking, “I like, just, CAN’T, with this right now.” a little to often and wanted to flip the script. I have toddler and teenager, a husband, a job, and waaaaayyyyyyyy too many hobbies, that all become business ideas, plus I like reading, writing, cooking and chilling. I want a clean house and a perfect body and to be able to lay on the beach all day long while growing my own food, homeschooling, sewing all of our clothes, and running a super successful business and having the most fulfilling relationship with my husband, plus read, meditate, yoga, and retire before 40 and have a zero inbox and dinner parties with my girls. I didn’t think having a mommy group/playdate, sister circle, date night, folded (and put away) laundry, healthy snacks at the ready, and time to read a magazine on the couch (in a clean living room) should be out of reach. Who can’t complete CEUs, a science fair project, and have dinner ready after a long day at work and a poor night of sleep from being kicked in the head by their toddler all night? Dads. That’s who. And I’m not a dad I’m a mom, lol. Just kidding, dads do a lot and they somehow do it without attaching their self worth to it, but for addymom, that’s just not where I was at. I’m getting closer, I think, I’m also getting more done, so maybe I’m at the same place? I dunno. Anyway, I was just over all of that. Too much to do not enough getting done. I tried a lot of things. Adderall is by far the best. But it is a tool, its not magic. If you don’t take the time to think about why you are doing what you are doing life will not get better. And if you don’t take the time to take care of yourself so you can take care of everyone and everything else, shit is going to get a hell of a lot worse. Or so I have read. I’m not trying to find out. I love my life, and I want it to keep improving. I made sure to heed the warnings. As you get to know me, you might start to recognize a pattern. I eat, sleep, drink lots of water, and don’t take adderall everyday. Don’t take adderall and not do these things. Don’t take adderall if you have no self control. Don’t become one of those cautionary tales on the news. You are a supermom even if you can’t get all of the things you want to get done. I think one of the biggest benefits I have gotten from adderall is that I can think clearly enough to see this. I’m not my to do list, my living room, or my latest project, I’m a dad! No! I’m a mom who loves her family and just wants to do the best she can for them. And I need a little help. We all do even if we don’t want to admit it. My help happens come in the form of a pill.




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